Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Each Peach Massage Bar: LUSH

I love LUSH, I have used a couple of their massage bars, and the most recent one I have purchased is the Each Peach. It retails for $10.95 and smells amazing.

Product Description:
Avocado and Mango peels mixed with fair trade cocoa butter and created using a new aeration techniques to melt easier into the skin.

My thoughts:
I do not find that the Lush massage bars are as moisturizing as they should be, or if I am just not warm enough to melt the bar to actually get the principle to work properly. For those of you who don't know, massage bars are supposed to melt from your body heat to moisturize the skin. I'm not entirely sure if my body just doesn't radiate enough heat or what, but it really drags along my skin and it doesn't really moisturize as much as I would like.

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