Monday, 7 April 2014

Going Away Party

Saturday was my last day at my job for Tim Horton's. I'm moving to go to a new school for a more focused career based education, compared to my bachelor's degree, which I will be done this month. Because I'm moving away obviously I had to quit my job, which is really bittersweet for me. I'm so excited to be moving onto the next chapter, but the last one was just so amazing I don't want it to end. 

So in honour of my last day, a bunch of the craziest most amazing loving people I know went out for dinner and a very reserved night on the town (this was not the case at all). Since we are all over the age of 19 (in Canada that's the legal age) we went out and did a little bit of a bar hop, we only went to two so more like a skip. These people are a mixture of older friends from working at Timmies for the last two and a half years, and some are people that just started and quickly made their way into our little clique. 

It was wonderful having these people who I care so much about go out with me for a great night, there was no drama, just a bunch of laughs and memory making. For me especially it was so important to go out with them, because with school winding down I need to focus on exams and some final papers, so it was the last chance I have and also because we used to go out all the time together (summer is more of our time, winter everyone wants to stay inside!) 

So here are a bunch of selfies from the night, taken in some horrible lighting. But either way, these people rock and I love them all so so so much. 
This is my bestie, surprisingly we have been friends for 2 years and this is our first photo together. 

For some reason I love pictures of selfies being taken!

This was our saturday night, It was a total blast and I'm so happy these people are in my life. 

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