Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun: Review

I am a pasty person, the sun and I do not agree, which is why I am for anything and everything that will help my skin in its battle against the sun. Every summer of my entire life has been plagued with coverups, sunscreen, cold tea bags, and moisturizer. Recently while on a Target trip with my sister I stumbled across their summer section which had a bunch of skin care products like sunscreen and after-sun cream. I picked up the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun lotion in the Lime Coolada scent, for just around a dollar- for a sample size, which realistically is perfect for a beach bag.

Luckily I have had a couple days off and some uncharacteristically extremely hot weather in Vancouver, which meant walking across the street and enjoying some time on the beach with my family. I was only at the beach for an hour or so, and even with children's SPF 60 sunscreen I managed to walk away with quite the burn. Okay to the point, this lotion has been getting used a lot in the last 24 hours, on my nose which got quite burnt and my upper back which is very burned. 

Overall, I enjoy the product, it is moisturizing and soothing to sunburns, and when applied directly after being outside it very refreshing. I think it is worth the money, it's not crazy expensive, it smells amazing, and is everything that is important in a moisturizer.

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