Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Road trip 2014- Day 1

We left Vancouver really early in the morning (7 o'clock ish) and headed for the border, which we were really lucky and didn't have to wait longer then 5 minutes. Anyone who lives near the Canada/USA border knows this luck. We drove straight to Seattle to hit up a MASSIVE Forever 21, this definition of massive is based on my small town roots, and we also stopped at Barnes and Nobles essentially the Chapters of America in my opinion. 

Our main objective in Seattle was to go to the Museum of Flight (Dad's choice- we were dragging him shopping for 4 days, and it was really interesting for the Air Force Brat in me!)

And to go to the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Seattle Mariners Baseball Game. Side Note: Canada only has the Blue Jays for a MLB team, so seeing them play on the West Coast was very cool! Sadly, the Jays lost 2-0 and were swept in the series.. 

Forever 21 Shopping- I got 3 tank tops I honestly wear a tank top under every shirt I wear, so stocking up is important- for 1.90 each. I also got a knitted sweater and a earth toned sleveless cardigan. 

Barnes and Noble- I picked up the 5th book in the Mortal Instruments Series which I have been reading, I knew I was going to finish the 4th on this trip and needed the next one! 

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