Saturday, 21 June 2014

Milani Brow Shaping Clear Wax and Brow Fix Kit: Review

I have strawberryblond-ish hair, it is fairly light, and since I was a child I have had light eyebrows. "Eyebrows frame the face" is what I have heard ever since I started watching youtube videos, and I never really believed it until the first time I filled in my eyebrows, it was almost like an ah-ha moment.

I have only used one product to fill in my brows, the Milani Brow Fix Kit in Light. Firstly, the packaging is perfect, it is so convenient with a set of tweezers, a highlight shade (and brush) and two brow shades (and brush).  Personally I use the lighter colour on the inside of my brows, because my hair is a little bit darker and they don't need to be fuller, and the darker shade on the tail of my brows because the hair is lighter there, and it balances it out. I've been using this product religiously for over a year and it looks like I barely touched it.

The second product is a new find, the Milani Brow Shaping Clear Wax. All it is is a pencil of clear wax, that you apply to your eyebrows before you use powder, it helps keep the powder in place. It is a new product from Milani and I'm enjoying it. My sister has been using it for a little bit now and she says that it is long lasting, and that she notices a difference when she does and doesn't wear it. I do notice that it holds the product a lot better, and keeps it in place.

Here is a before and after of my eyebrows.
Left: Filled using Milani Products Right: Without
Have a great weekend and comment with your go to brow products! I'd love to try more!


  1. I'll have to check that out! Always on the hunt for great & affordable brow products!
    Shimmering Image

    1. I really recommend it, I truly find the colour clings to the wax, and it holds the little hairs in place. It's super affordable, I paid under $5 for it, which is a great deal!