Monday, 23 June 2014

Pinterest Finds #3: Does it work?

For this weeks Pinterest find, I chose to stray away from DIY face products (my skin is kind of angry at me). I found a DIY Rosemary and Lemon Foot Soak and Scrub. I found this project on and I really enjoyed it.

The Recipe for the Scrub includes:
- Part Olive Oil to 3 Parts Epson Salts
*Specifically I used 1/2 cup Olive Oil and 1 1/2 cup Epson Salts, this made a small container of the scrub.

For the Soak the Recipe calls for:
- Boiled Rosemary branches in water
- 2 lemons cut
*Boil the water with the Rosemary, then add it to a tub of water and the 2 cut lemons

I again did this find with my sister (she's my guinea pig for a lot of projects) and we enjoyed it.

The soak was great, very relaxing and very soothing. The lemons and rosemary in the water were soothing and softening. When we took our feet out of the water we could not get over how soft our feet were.

The scrub was perfect. It was the right combination of moisturizing qualities as well as exfoliants. The salts helped scrub away dry skin while the oil replenished moisture.

Overall, we enjoyed the soak and scrub, I think pinterest finds are our new way to relax on a rough day.


  1. I love Pinterest but some of the stuff on Pinterest is such bullshit XD Nice to know this one is worth trying though :)


    1. I totally agree! I've always wondered if some of the things I see on pinterest are actually quality- or work at all. That's why I started thinking about making this running series (gives me a reason to try something new!)