Friday, 3 October 2014

Blogtober Day 5! Combat boots!

In Canada fall is a sacred time, not only are the trees turning a million different shades of orange and red, but it starts to cool down, but it's a nice cool down before all the snow comes I live in the Snow Belt... which means that this is truly the time for fall fashion before you have to wear a parka over everything!

Fall is also the time of moving towards layers, and boots that don't need to be water proof. I told you this is sacred times 

I got these combat boots for Christmas (and couldn't wear them until May!) from Payless Shoe Stores and I believe they were under $40. While they were available last year, they no longer carry the exact same ones.. however these are pretty close.

I like combat boots because they make any outfit look a little edgier, and are casual at the same time. They almost give the impression of a well paired outfit without trying to hard. Personally I like to wear my boots with the laces tucked inside and a more open look to them, but you can wear them laced all the way up or with the laces wrapped around the boots. Below I've styled my favourite look for my combat boots. A chunky sweater, jeggings and my boots! 

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