Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blogtober Day 6: Bold Lips

October means the official start of fall, even if the official start is September 21. It just feels like fall, and to be fall really is the time for bold dark lips, dark nail polish and lots of layers. 

Recently, I received this lipstick in my September Ipsy glam bag, and while I am not usually a dark lip, or even a bold lip type of person, but I am intrigued by the colour. 

It's a deep red matte lipstick, and usually I tend to steer very far away from darks like this. However I really like this one. I've worn it sheered out a couple times, by just using my finger and creating more of a stain, but I also really like it as just a lipstick. 

It is really moisturizing and not dehydrating on the lips, and it has good staying power. I have to say that Ipsy really picked a great product with this one, and I will for sure by more of the Hikari liptsicks as they are very affordable (this one is valued at just $13). 

What lipsticks are you loving for fall? 



  1. Beautiful color lipstick!