Friday, 10 October 2014

Blogtober Day 9: A Surprising Transitional Nail Polish

Last week I made a post about nail polishes that were being replaced with more seasonally appropriate ones. One of the polishes was the Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Hot Chili Pepper, when I first bought this colour months ago I thought it was more of a summer polish, a darker orangey-red and great for a little drama on the nails. Since I wasn't exactly ready to make the switch completely to darker nails just yet I decided to put it on just one more time. It's perfect for fall too guys I tell you! I have to say that since I put this on a couple days ago (in every effort to hold onto that feeling of not quite summer, but not really fall) I noticed that it is actually a really unique shade to head into fall with. When I look at this colour it's almost like I took the colour of the leaves and put it on my nails, it has that burnt orange undertone without being too overpowering and has a perfect amount of red in it.

Needless to say this one surprised me, and I think I'm recanting my "it's heading into my tub of nail polishes that I won't use until next summer" idea and keeping it with my fall polishes.

The quality of the polish is good for a drugstore polish, but it's not Essie by any means. It requires a second coat to get the right amount of boldness, but it dries really quick, and lasts about a week. I put this on on Saturday and by Friday it was chipping.

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