Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day Five: Four Back to School Outfits

In Canada, and I believe the US September 1st is a national holiday- labour day, which is quickly followed by the first day of school. Since my first week of school was only 4 days, I have decided to show you what I wore for my first week of grad school!

Currently in Ontario, it is unseasonably like summer (usually it's like fall right about now) so my outfits have ranged from more fall weather appropriate, to straight up shorts.

For my orientation, I wore these Mint Green pants I got from Maurice's 1 1/2 years ago, and a recent purchase from Stitches I shop there ALL the time! I really like this chevron top! I wore my vans and curled my hair.

For the official first day of school I wore my denim jeggings, not even sure where I got these from.. oops and a thinly knit top... from Stitches. I continued to keep my hair down and curly, really getting my wear out of these curls!
continuing migraine issues prevented me from actually getting a picture the day I wore this outfit... sorry! 
It was quiet warm so I decided on my white capris and my white and black stripped top with leather shoulder pads.. all from Stitches. Even in this lighter wearing outfit it was still quite toasty. I did wear my hair down with a headband and super soft curls, but since I came home and went to bed I wasn't able to get a picture :(

Today, it was supposed to reach the low 40's with the humidex.. aka freakin' hot so I wore my favourite warm toned hunter green shorts from my trusty store Stitches and a warm toned coral chiffon blouse.. surprise... Stitches. Since it was hot, and I was still a little sensitive from my migraine, my 3rd day hair was thrown up into a top knot.
That migraine was a killer! but I got all the outfits photographed! 

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