Monday, 22 September 2014

High End Beauty Haul

I am a notorious drugstore-holic, I have a really hard time justifying lots of money on one product. Keeping that in mind, I do like my name brands, and am somewhat of a shopaholic. So while I was out shopping with my best friend, checking out the Estee Lauder counter.. I just couldn't help myself.

Estee Lauder was having a gift with purchase deal.. where the gift was worth approximately $60-80! So spend $35 and double that as a free gift! How could I say no? 

Pure Colour Eye Shadow Paint in Cobalt Blue 
Pure Colour High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Peach Glass  

Needless to say I am extremely excited to try these products! I've never bought anything from Estee Lauder before but have heard amazing things about the brand!

I also stopped by the Clinique counter I've never shopped there either and picked up their bottom lash mascara, which I've also heard wonderful things about!


  1. I picked this up as well. I'm really excited to use these products as I have also heard great reviews about Estee Lauder. I think the lipstick shade looks so pretty and that eyeshadow colour is fierce x

    1. So far I'm loving it! I heard really great things about Estee Lauder and knew I just had to try it! How are you liking it? :)

  2. You sound a lot like me lol... Gotta make a purchase just to get the free gift :P