Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What's On My Nails? Ciate Polish Haul and Review

Recently Barrie got a Sephora- which has made my days currently! I was once a makeup junkie with NO access to Sephora OR MAC so obviously my sister and I had to pop in.. we just had to right?

While I was in Vancouver I had noticed the Ciate London Nail Polish mini sets and swore I would buy one before I left.. I didn't, which meant I was required to buy it here. I tried to pick more seasonal transition shades, perfect for the summer-fall feeling right now. 

How these little packages work is really quite unique, you pick 3 mini polishes, ranging in colours to nail art (they have one that has little studs in it!) and put them in the cute little box, and it's $22.50.

The pack is really easy to justify, 3 polishes, although minis are cheaper then 3 other nail polishes, and what are the likelihood that I will ever actually finish a bottle of nail polish? That's just how I justified it 

My Picks: Chinchilla, Mistress & Apple and Custard 

I of course had to take of my old polish and try one of the colours right away. So I picked Chinchilla! 

Overall I am enjoying the colour, it's been on for a couple of days without a base/top coat and there aren't any chips. It applies really smooth, but thin, it required 2 layers to get this pigmentation, overall I am happy with the polish and can't wait to try my other ones! I can see myself buying some of their other colours. 



  1. Tha light blue-grey shadow is so unique! I love it, especially for fall! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. I was drawn to it because I couldn't tell if it was blue or grey the first time I looked at it. It almost looks neutral, would match anything! I love it! :)