Monday, 1 September 2014

Day Two: How I Organize My Planner

I have always been a very organized person, in high school and university I balance a lot of different activities and jobs, which required my time management skills to be on point, this year it is absolutely no different. With the blog and other things going on like sharing a car with my sister I really have to be organized, especially with an overwhelming school schedule. 

I colour code everything, my closet, my drawers, everything so each class is assigned a colour, with a co-ordinating binder, and an iCal colour. slightly obsessive I know! 
I keep my planner and this arrow pencil case with me all the time. The planner is from Chapters and was $15, and I got the pencil case from a boutique in Steveston B.C. 

The first tab is my month at a glance, where I put colour-coded notes about tests and assignments, as well as personal notes in black and my blog dates in pencil so I can change things around 

The second tab has my week marked off. This planner has 2 weeks at a time to really see what's going on. I like this because I can see what is coming up the next week. 

On the other side I keep a large sticky note with next weeks homework listed, colour coded so that I can mark things off as I go. I took the time to do the first quarter of the school year to match my syllabus so that I'm not surprised by anything. Why yes a life would be wonderful! 

Come back tomorrow to see my school bag essentials! 

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