Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Teas

I'm growing into a tea lover,  I am especially addicted to smelling teas and needless to say Fall and Tea just goes together. David's Tea is a Canadian company that sells tea.. When you walk into a store they have samples of new teas, a wall of tea with literally bunches of colour coded the OCD in me is in love tea, and you can smell the teas. You just describe the kind of tea you like, or want to try and they pick it out for you. 

As I am turning into a tea lover I feel very grown up about this I have picked up some new teas over the last little while and wanted to show you guys them!

Mint to Be is an organic black tea with coconut and peppermint and it smells AMAZING like coconut and mint. Shocker I know! 

Read My Lips, with itty bitty chocolate chips and lip sprinkles. It tastes like chocolate, and mint, and awesomeness. 

Sweet Apple Cider- Self explanatory, especially for fall. I LOVE THE SCENT OF THIS! and it tastes like warm apple cider-mmm 

Mystery Tea- this one has yet to be named by the lovely people at David's Tea, I thought it smelt like hay and fall but the guy working says it is supposed to be their summer tea awkward I really don't even know how to describe this one.. just awesome, and I think like fall. 

I know this was a bit of an unusual post- what kind of teas do you like for fall?

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