Monday, 1 September 2014

Day One: How I Organize My Desk!

As a post-grad student I finished my degree in June I am no stranger to long days and nights sitting at a workspace pumping out assignments or doing readings. As I go into college for some career training I feel like I know what works for me when it comes to a workspace. I need a very clear workspace, without a lot of clutter to really spread my things out. My desk is from Walmart, it was on sale for $29.97 and is really simple, with just the drawer and the table top. 

I keep a tumblr on my desk to fill with water while I'm working to sip on, and a photo of my friends and me from University. 

I use a cutlery organizer in my drawer to keep pens, highlighters, and markers as well as a usb and a backup charger for my phone, some sticky notes and binder clips. 

I keep a notebook and some sticky notes close by for quick notes, the pink notebook is filled with blog ideas and notes! 
Come back tomorrow to read how I keep my planner organized! 


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