Thursday, 22 May 2014

5 Year-Round Vanilla Scents

Summer is a great time to experiment with floral scents, I usually stick with vanillas. I rarely alternate my perfumes, vanilla is my favourite scent, anything vanilla and I am there. In this post, I've put together my three current favourite year round scents. (they are all different vanillas)

I have no idea why I am drawn to vanilla, but I absolutely adore the smell, I've been consistently wearing vanilla scented perfumes or body splashes since I was in High School.

#1 The Long Time Favourite

Warm Vanilla Sugar  captured my heart when I was 15, I have owned one product of it since. In the 7 years since this bottle of amazingness stole my heart I have always returned to it. Bath and Body Works really did a good one with this product- it smells exactly like how it's titled. The scent is a combination of Vanilla, florals and Sandalwood.
Vanilla, White Orchid, Vanilla Tonka, Sparkling Sugar, 
Fresh Coconut, Fresh Jasmine, Warm Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Bean, 
Creamy Sandalwood 

#2 The Close Runner Up

Another Bath and Body Works favourite. Black Raspberry Vanilla  is a close second to my beloved Warm Vanilla Sugar.  This one, is only available online, as they took it out of their stores (which greatly saddens me). Ripe berries and creamy vanilla, such an intoxicating scent. I particularly like this one for Spring/Summer as it is a little more floraly, it smells sweeter then Warm Vanilla Sugar with my body chemistry.
Blackberry, Sparkling Bergamot, Black Currant
Orange, Anjou Pear, Orris, Osmanthus Flower
Sambac Jasmine, Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid
Taffeta Musk

# 3 The Solid Perfume

Last year, LUSH launched their Gorilla Perfumes, a collection of liquid and solid perfumes. I purchased their solid perfume, at the time I was travelling to and from Vancouver every other month, and risking a perfume mess was not an option. Vanillary The second my sister saw this, she thought of me, and immediately told me I HAD to buy it. Needless to say, I am in love. It smells so sweet and delicious, I almost want to eat it. (Side Story: I am almost 100% certain that my cousin, on a recent stay here, believed it was a lip balm and tried to use it as such.. it smells that good I think she tried to eat it!) As is standard with LUSH products, all the ingredients are natural.
Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood, Burnt Caramel, Jasmine, Tonka Bean

#4 The Boyband Perfume

I am a Directioner. There, I said it. I love the 1D boys, I love their music and think they are hilarious. When I first heard they were coming out with a perfume, called Our Moment I said "well here we go *rolls eyes*. Then I sniffed it. I really enjoy this alcoholic beverage called a White Freezie, essentially, an alcoholic melted white freezie (not entirely but that's what it tastes like!), this is related I promise. To me, it smells exactly like that. Almost as if they captured the scent of a white freezie and put it into an adorable bottle. I know that's not the actual ingredients. I wear this all the time, paired with my LUSH Vanillary or on it's own.
Pink Grapefruit, Wild Berries, Redcurrants, Jasmine Petals
Frangipani Dry Wood Tones of Musk and Patchouli 

#5 The Roll On, Ipsy gift

Ipsy rocks, I love nearly everything I get in the bag each month. I believe it was last summer that I received Island Vanilla Perfume Roll On by Pacifica, I love the convenience of a roll on perfume. On top of the convenience of the roll on, the scent is really intriguing especially in the summer. During the winter, this product buries itself amongst all my other body smelling things but in the summer, especially this summer, it's a front runner for daily perfuming! This product is also vegan.
Sweet and Sultry Vanilla Absolute, Honey-Jasmine, Fruits, Deep base of Tea 

All in all, I love these scents. All 5 of them, and I wear all 5 of them on a regular basis.

Bonus Photo.. My dog being super adorable when I was trying to take the pictures!


  1. Vanilla is such a great scent. =D

    1. I am completely addicted to vanilla, vanilla anything!