Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rimmel BB Cream

Recently, while at Shoppers Drugmart, I stumbled upon a sale. Ooops. My grandmother should know to just keep me away from Shoppers- or sales. Well, I was there to shop for a post I'm planning for next week.

Anyways, I was looking into BB creams, as I have mentioned before, BB creams and tinted moisturizers are more my style- not too much coverage (so I don't look horribly hilarious sans freckles on my face). I have been using the L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier- and I do enjoy it, but something maybe not $20 a bottle is preferred.

And this is where I found the sale. Rimmel has a couple different BB/foundation type options, and while I am a major fan of their concealers, I had never tried the foundations etc for my fears of weird face. Well, I'm not one to turn down a bargain. The Rimmel London BB Cream 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup retails in Canada for $9.99 half the price of my L'Oreal one! Take in the fact it was on sale for $2.50 less ($7.49) I could hardly say no.. right?

- Light coverage
- promises 9 in 1 (primes, moisturizes, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, matifies, brightens and helps protect)
- Lasts all day
- Under $10

- Only 3 shades available (light, medium, dark)
- slightly Orange tint in the Light shade

To be critical, the light shade is slightly orange, now that could just be how it appears on my face, I am very pale. The limited shade selection pretty much made me get the lightest shade available, which is then orange. I am hoping that in the summer, if I get a tan (a girl can dream right?) that it will appear a lot better on my skin.

I have found that the best way to blend this in, personally, at least is with a damp Beauty Blender. It sheers it out a bit, and takes away that orange tint.

Overall, I am using it. Maybe as I get a little darker in the summer, and figure out some more tricks I could grow to like it a little more. But for $7.49, I don't feel like I wasted my money.

Have any of you tried the Rimmel London BB Cream? What is the best way to use it, and not appear orange? :)

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