Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Idea of Bold Lips

I'm fair skinned, I joke my only shades are Ghost and Lobster, because of my colouring I'm always timid when it comes to being bold. I'm truly not into out there fashion statements or makeup, working on this blog and challenging myself has changed that.. gradually. Lately, at the encouragement of my best friend I have been experimenting with bolder lips. These are just the colours that I am comfortable with rocking, which is a big step for me, be warned: this post is filled with selfies

Like I said, I usually keep it pretty neutral. Recently I've been trying to embrace bolder lip colours, especially for Spring and Summer- when I hope to get a little darker, maybe. My first idea of a bold lip is the Revlon Colourburst Laquer Balm in Whimsical. I showed this in a recent post- my weekend update where I also showed some of my recent purchases. I'm really loving the colour, and the specks of glitter really draw attention to your lips, it is also really good for wear. Since I've only had it for literally 3 days, I can only say so far I like it, but it is an idea for bold lips for the pasty.

My next love is a product from my ipsy subscription- months ago, I cannot remember which one. It's this soft purpleish colour from Mirabella, it's a really smooth texture and feels really creamy on the lips. Sadly, as I went to apply it for this post- my wall got a good try of it too (I'm super clumsy and dropped it, and the wall got a good amount on it). It stained a spot on my baseboard after not even 2 minutes of it being there- a fact which I can say it has some staying power.

My third idea of a bold lip is another Revlon lip product- The Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon. This product is a limited edition one for their spring collection. The colour is wonderful, and the texture is really awesome too. I absolutely adore this one, the lip butters in general are my favourites, and this colour just makes me love them more.

When I was getting ready to leave Peterborough because I was done school, my best friend bought me a lip product. She gave it to me to challenge myself to be a little bolder as I started a new chapter- It was the Maybelline Colour Infallible Lip gloss thing. It's red. Something I stay clear of typically. Usually it's not only a lack of boldness that keeps me from trying out there lip colours- sometimes it's laziness. Red lips is drastic- and this is the most wearable option I have found. My best friend has awesome taste!

Bold lips- scary but worth it. What are some of your ideas for bold lips?

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  1. Wow those lip products are sooo pigmented, I love it! The Revlon colour looks SO GOOD ON YOU. Wow. Not exactly subtle, but you really pull it off. I always stick to neutral too, just to be on the safe side, but these pictures just go to show that neutral can be so boring in comparison to this! You ooze confidence :)