Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What's in my purse?

A girl's purse is an insight into her world. My purse is exactly that, my world. When I'm in school it carries a lot more than it does currently, including day planners, iPads, pencil cases etc. Since I am not in school right now, my purse is SO MUCH lighter.

The Bag I got my purse from the Fossil outlet just outside of Seattle Washington on a trip just after Christmas with my family. It is last years bag, which meant it was the lovely price of $50 compared to the regular $100. With the exchange rate I believe it totalled $60, which still is not bad. It's a perfect over the shoulder deep purple colour which I think can be worn year round. It is a quality leather which is great and it holds up really well. I absolutely adore this bag (and considering I have been using it for 5 months, that means something).

The Wallet My wallet is a mint green (I love the colour) with off white paneling as well. I got this from Aldo for $25. It doubles as both a wallet and a wristlet thanks to the handy detachable strap. Inside, which I didn't show, has my cards and money, but in the zippered pouch on the front I keep roughly 5 dollars in change, including a toonie, loonie, couple of quarters and maybe some dimes and nickels.

Along with my wallet, I have this adorable change purse. This store Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade chain that carries a vast variety of products from around the world. This particular change purse is from India, and the pattern is so cute.

The makeup to go bag Ipsy is this fantastic monthly subscription service where they send you a glam bag, which is a bag full of products every month. In Canada, it costs $17 a month, and most of the product samples are worth the money! Well once you get the bags, you have to figure out what to do with them. I have been subscribed for a year and have a lot of bags to use. Inside my purse I keep this bag that has lipsticks on it. I keep lip products, hand cream and cleansing hand wipes.

I keep a total of 6 different lip products in it. Noya Cherry Lip Balm I got from my ipsy bag a few months ago, it smells delicious and really works (on top of that it's all natural products). Nivea Hydro Care, so moisturizing. Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast another great moisturizing lip balm. Pop Beauty in Fuschia Freesia a really pretty colour on the lips, scary in the bottle. Lastly, I have 2 Maybelline Colour Whispers- Pin Up Peach and Rose of Attraction these are staples in my purse.. and life.

I also keep PUR Beauty hand cream- I got it in my stocking at Christmas, but I know my mom got it at Target for a dollar- so worth the dollar. PUR Beauty cleansing hand wipes- also a Christmas stocking stuffer- also from target for a dollar- again worth it.

Randoms- I keep Mentos- which are my favourite on the go mints, my grandpa always has them in his car- so now I always have them with me. Sunglasses- Forever 21 knock off Ray Bans, with Cheetah Print on them, favourite sunglasses until I can afford the real deal. Kleenex- I keep the small travel pack of like 10 kleenex in my purse just in case- emergencies can happen. Kool-Aid Liquid, it has 24 servings in this tiny bottle, which turns it into Cherry Kool-Aid. I love this stuff because I can't drink many pops and soft beverages (Aspartame triggers migraines) so I can turn any old bottle of water into kool-aid.

Well, thats it, the inside of my purse- what do you guys think are staples for inside your purse?


  1. such a pretty bag you have dear with cool stuff in it :) Awesome blog girl !! xx

  2. God I love that deep purple plum colour of your bag, it looks like it's really durable too! May I ask what hand cream you are using? I just finished mine and wasn't too impressed with it, and I really want to try something new. Btw, I love mentos too! I always bring them to my final exams at school and they just save me every time, help me concentrate and just wow I am totally addicted! Great post btw :)



    1. I usually use the Soap and Glory Hand Food when I'm at home, I keep it in my endtable. The PUR Beauty one is just their moisturizing hand cream (that's all it says on the bottle). Hope that helps!!

  3. Great post,I really love reading 'what's in my purse' posts <3