Tuesday, 20 May 2014

6 Brushes Worth The Money

Saving money is something I strive for, at the same time, investing in quality products is also super important for me. Especially when it comes to makeup and anything along those lines. It goes on your face, every day.

Quality makeup brushes are rewarding purchases especially when you consider long term savings, splurging and buying the right brushes that are soft, durable and work is the most important to making sure whatever you apply looks right, instead of wasting money every couple months to rebuy brushes that broke, or lost too many hairs.

I present 6 brushes I feel are worth the money (if you are willing to spend it).

Mirabella Eye Blender I received this in my Ipsy Glam Bag 2 months ago, I have not gone a single makeup application without using it since. Only when I was researching it did I find out how expensive it was. $27 is a little hefty for one brush (I'm REALLY glad I got it in a $17/month bag). The quality of this brush is incredible, it picks up just enough product, is small enough to get enough detail and depth in the crease, and is also really great to blend it all together. I like that it is tapered and it really gets the job done. It's only downfall is now I want more.

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending I use this brush to use as a blender, usually clean or with a light brown to blend out my crease. I've been using this brush for over a year and even during vigorous washing I have not lost a single hair. I love Sigma's brushes, the quality is incredible, and getting brushes in kits is well worth it. $14, which for the quality is great, especially considering I've been using it for that long and I haven't lost a hair. My only issue with it is it is quite large, and maybe I have small eyes, but for darker colours using this brush can be a tad overwhelming.

Royal and Langnickel Master Pro Angled Shader I stumbled upon Royal and Langnickel among the booths of Vancouver IMATS 2 years ago. They were having a great deal on brushes, and I immediately was drawn to the lovely blue handle of this one. For $5.99 USD the quality is incredible. It is crazy soft and picks up just enough product to focus a colour in the outer corner. I want to go to IMATS this year just to pick up more brushes from them.

Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour  Seriously, my go to blush brush. I love how soft it is, and it also looks incredibly natural when applied to the cheeks, using any blush. $19.00, Sigma just rocks.

ELF Small Tapered Brush A product from their studio line, which ups the regular $1 price tag to $3. A huge increase I know. It's great for using powder to set under eye concealer, and even for blending out a highlight on the cheeks. The size is perfect and it's a really great quality.

Sigma E55 Eye Shading $12.00Packs on the colour incredibly. Enough said.

Those are it, the 6 brushes I probably couldn't live without, and the 6 brushes I believe are totally worth the money!

I would love to know some of your staple brushes, I'm always in the market :)


  1. I also have sigma brushes! They are amazing but I find a lot of their hair falls out! Do you notice it as well? Because it could be my brushes are just faulty.

    Anywho, I can't find any contact info for your blog, but I was wondering if you wanted to do a blog hop! If your interested email me at admin@ellecharie.com ! Bye!

    1. I haven't had hairs fall out, I've had to trim one of two that were waaay longer then the others though.

  2. Sigma brushes must be good and they come in a great range... Too bad I can't find them in greek market... I know I can order online, but I prefer to check products myself before buying anything, especially if it's pricey!


    1. I live in Canada, and we don't have a store here, my sister bought them first so I played with hers and then decided to get my own. I seriously recommend them, without a doubt, even without trying them!