Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review: Lush FUN

Moldable soap- also known as the best invention ever. Lush presented last year FUN, a moldable vegan soap. Like other lush products it's made with natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Originally I purchased FUN to use as a soap. It was by complete desperation that I discovered my favourite use for FUN (other then making awesome shapes in the shower).

I don't use FUN as a soap, rather a shaving cream. The first FUN I discovered this on was "Sweet As Can Be", the pink FUN. I didn't have shaving cream, I didn't want to go out and buy any, and I needed to shave. I looked into my little stash of Lush goodies and saw the package of pink moldable goodness that I hadn't used yet. Because it's moldable it's great to use on your legs, you can mold it to hold onto it better and it is super moisturizing.

I currently have two different FUN products- "Sweet As Can Be" and the Christmas limited edition scent "What A Softy".
Christmas Limited Edition "What A Softy"

- Really great moisturization
- Moldable awesomeness
- Cute packaging (biodegradable)
- Vegan, all natural ingredients
- Smells amazing
- Travels great

- Unable to reuse packaging (have to find other storage solutions)
My storage solution: an emptied out Bath and Body Works Candle (and lid)

Literally, that is my only con. I absolutely adore this product, and will not shave without it. It's really moisturizing, which is good for shaving, as it repairs any damage shaving can do to your skin. It makes my legs so smooth, and like I said, it was a complete act of desperation that made me use it, and I am so happy I did.

FUN is available online Here for the price of $6.95 CAD


  1. I love Bath & Body works products, my favorite is their body cream, it's rich and ultra moisturizing.

    1. Bath and Body works lotions make my world go round, I have really sensitive skin when it comes to water. If the water is treated too harshly (too chemically) I itch like crazy and cannot stop, bath and body works is the only stuff that soothes my itchy skin!