Friday, 16 May 2014

I love.. Spring Nail Polish

Since I am recently unemployed (in between schools, moving etc.) I can finally paint my fingernails, which is something I didn't see a point in when I was working every couple days, it seemed like a waste of time, and product. Well now, I can paint my fingernails as many times as I want in a day (if that's what I choose to do). Below I have my favourite nail polishes for spring, pastels and out there colours I have been rotating on my nails!

OPI- Purple with a purpose $9.95 I love that it's a darker purple, yet still on trend for spring/summer, especially on my toes.

Chinaglaze- Spontaneous $7.95 Lighter than the last purple, but still good for the season, I love how it's not a total lilac, but not a deep purple.

Chinaglaze- Pink Voltage $7.95 BRIGHT PINK I think bright pink makes me look tanner, for some reason, so I rock the bubble gum pink in the spring/summer to not appear as ghostlike.

Chinaglaze- Fuchia Fanatic $7.95 I recently wore this in my last OOTD post Here I love this colour, it looks great on, and is a little darker than Pink Voltage.

Sinful Colours- Frenzy $1.99 I got these in the United States, at Walgreens, on one of many trips with my mom and sister while in B.C. I love the sparkles, especially as an accent nail.

Sinful Colours- Shock and Awe $1.99 Purple and Blue, it's like a perfect blend of the two, great for a more sophisticated spring nail, love this one. It looks really good with Frenzy as an accent nail.

Rimmel 60 Seconds- I Lilac You $3.99 It really does dry fast, it really is a true lilac colour.

Maybelline Colorshow- Pinkalicious $2.99 Another bright pink, love this! (Can you notice a I like pink in the summer trend that's happening?)

Wet N Wild- I Need A Refresh-Mint $3 I have this colour on my toes right now, I love as a true minty green shade, it goes well with everything too.

Orly- Gum Drop $12.50 the most expensive of my list, I love this colour, it's really similar to Wet N Wild's, I really like it.

Old Navy- Preppy Pink $2 It's not really opaque, it goes on very sheer and it is a little difficult to get off, but the colour is worth it, especially with a couple of coats on it.

These are the colours I wear most often in the Spring/Summer, what are some of your favourite spring/summer nail colours?

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  1. OMG so many beautiful colours.. I wish I had China Glaze near me!! I love the first two purple ones, I love deep purples! I really need to purchase a mint green nail polish for summer. Great post!