Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tag Week: Closet Confidential

For today's Tag Week I picked the Closet Confidential Tag! This tag was created by FleurDeForce on her youtube channel.

1. what is the oldest item in your closet?
The oldest item in my closet would be this limited edition sweater from lululemon. I got it because I had achieved the honour roll average my parents pushed for (in highschool I was ALWAYS like 1 or 2 percent off, so they told me if I got the average they would buy me anything I wanted from lululemon). Lululemon is this high end activewear company that originates in Vancouver Canada. Their clothes are slightly expensive, but the quality is unreal. The pair of pants I bought 7 years ago are still going strong! I absolutely adore the pattern, and I don't think I will ever get rid of it.

2. what is the newest item in your closet?
The newest item is this dress from Modcloth that I literally got in the mail on friday (when this post should have gone up.. oops!). I got this dress for my upcoming University Convocation, and the pattern on the bottom half of the dress is so springy- and so classy. The style of the dress itself is perfect for the occasion, and I literally spent days scouring the internet for the perfect dress. It fits perfectly (the reviews section on any item is so handy for picking sizes etc.) I was really nervous about ordering online because I am quite large chested and dresses always make me look funny, or either too tight in certain areas and baggy in others. It fits like a glove and I CANNOT wait to wear it for Graduation!

3. what is the most expensive item in your closet?
The most expensive item in my closet is the same lululemon sweater. They retail for $100, and are so worth it!
4. what is the cheapest/ most affordable item?
The cheapest most affordable item in my closet is this highlighter pink sheer top I got from Bootlegger for their nothing over 10 dollars sale. So I believe it was around the 10 dollar mark but not more than that. This is the most affordable item in my closet.

5. what was the biggest bargain?
The biggest bargain I can think of are these tank tops from Stitches, I got two of them recently for $9 for both. Many of their tank tops are around $5-10 and the quality of them is really great.

6. what was the biggest waste of money?
The biggest waste of money.. hmm, I don't think I have one. Nope, I don't. I recently moved and did a large purge of all of my clothes and stuff, and got rid of anything that I didn't like of was a big waste of money by donating it. Anything and everything in my closet is exactly worth every nickel (Canada doesn't have pennies).
bonus: show us your three favourite items right now
My Three Favourite Items are:
1. Mint green blazer. I got the blazer from Stitches for $25, and I love pairing it with black jeggings and a grey shirt.

2. Stitches Kimono cardigan- by far one of the best $20 purchases I have ever made, and probably the best purchase from my beloved Stitches. It's this wonderful kimono style sweater with adorable button details on the side, the pattern is very on trend, and it works for all year round, depending on the shirt under neath and the outfit.

3. Vancouver Canucks Sweater- My parents currently live in Vancouver, and it's the first time we have lived near an NHL team, this sweater is a mens XL and it's great for sitting around the house, I definitely wore this writing my final papers, curled up in hermit mode, power writing.

Well, that's it for this Tag, check back for the next one in Tag Week!

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